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What is Link4Business?

Link4Business is part of the Link4Growth family. Link4Business has been set up in recognition that people in business (around 30% of the people in the community) have a set of needs that are specific to those people in business.

Business people are always on the look out for suppliers, outsourcing opportunities, advice and guidance on how to do things, and as such Link4Business is providing a valuable service to help local businesses succeed which in turn enables communities to also thrive.

Link4Business networking events are structured and educational and give you the chance to meet and learn from like-minded individuals. With plenty of networking time everyone can enjoy more detailed conversations and can get to know each other, share tips, experience and their expertise. At each event you can share details of how your business helps others and what problems you solve.

Couple Link4Business with our community networking events, Link4Skills (the people’s university) and our L4G.TV platform, Businesses now have all the tools to not only build relationships with other local businesses but strong connections with their community too.

Link4Business encourages local businesses to work together under the banner of #L4GBuyLocal. This initiative acts like a local business association where there is an understanding that if we all pull together we can achieve much more than on our own.

Link4Business provides a solid platform for every business to get the support, training, and assistance they need and to start playing an important role in the local community too.

About Link4Business

L4B Oundle Launch 2015082017Link4Business provides a structured and educational networking environment for businesses. Its an event where businesses can not only come and network and increase contacts but also learn from each other too.

Link4Business is about recognising that small businesses are the powerhouse of our  economy and that it is vital we provide a low cost support infrastructure that everyone in business can access. There are millions of small businesses out there and more are being born daily.

In what is seemingly a highly competitive world today with business hard to come by, it will be refreshing to discover Link4Business. An organisation set up for one sole purpose… to help you and your business succeed. Link4Business exists to ensure that its members can meet, learn about each other, access skills training, and support and help each other.

Running a business can be quite a lonely existence so if you have any of the following queries then Link4Business is for you:

  • Where can you go for advice and guidance?
  • How can you pick up the new skills you need for yourself and others in your business?
  • How can you get your message out there in a cost effective way?

Questions and Answers

Is it expensive to join Link4Business?

Link4Business is one of the if not the cheapest Networking Group to join. Membership is only £12 a month. There is not extra for venue that is all you pay.

Can non-members attend?

Yes – Non members can attend but they will have to pay £12 when booking on eventbrite. They are allowed to come twice before having to subscribe to receive maximum benefits.

Will I have to do a pitch?

Although Link4Business networking events are structured and all attendees get time to speak, it is not compulsory if you don’t feel comfortable.

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