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Education and Personal Development

For many, it seems that in todays world there is far more to learn and understand than ever before. Whether this is technology, online software, mobile phones or even different ways to operate a business or charity.

Many of the people you will meet at Link4Business events will share tips and tricks which will help you on your way, but for structured education both online and offline, we have our Peoples University called Link4Skills.

Many of us find it difficult to network effectively face to face, let alone with all the added complications of a variety of online platforms available to us. One of the functions for Link4Skills is to enable people to communicate as effectively online as they do offline ie understanding the relevant social media platforms and how to apply them effectively.

Collectively as a nation, we have all the knowledge we need, one of the biggest challenge is getting that expertise and experience to those that need it. Link4Skills achieves this by providing a wide variety of workshops and training for you to access, as well as a vehicle for you to share your skills.

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