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Link4Business Events

20150331_090514Link4Business Networking events are structured yet relaxed. They include inspirational, educational, inspirational and community speakers while still leaving plenty of time to network with fellow businesses.

Our networking events can be hosted at different times of the day and provides plenty of opportunity to  meet and connect with a broad spectrum of people. Each of the events are unique and flavoured by the personalities of the local team and Link4Business members.

Latest Events

Event FAQs

Can i just turn up to an event?

All attendees are required to book in via eventbrite prior to the event. Link4Business members can enter a code which reduces the fee to zero. Non Link4Business members, are required to pay £12 per event.

How will I know if i like it??

Your first event is absolutely free with just the cost to pay for your own refreshments. This gives people an opportunity to experience a live actual event before becoming a member.

Can I bring someone?

There are no restrictions on who can attend a Link4Business event and if this is their first visit, they can take advantage of our first time visitors offer.

How do I host an event near me?

The Link4Business is a national initiative and consequently we are always looking for people who would like to kick-start events in their area. For further information please email enquires@link4business.co.uk.

Event Features

  • The event consists of 40 minutes of open networking and 50 minutes of a more structured format.
  • The open networking allows you to talk to as few or as many attendees as you wish.
  • In the structured elements there are speaker slots for education or inspiration and a representative from a community organisation.
  • There are 3 opportunities to network in the sessions.
  • At the start, in the middle and again at the end.
  • There is also a slot to ‘Make a Connection’ which encourages Link4Business attendees to introduce people to each other from their contacts.
  • All event attendees will be given an opportunity to provide a short introduction to themselves, typically this will be a minute.
  • At each event, a Link4Business member will have been invited to speak about their area of expertise or something of interest.
  • The community section, we get a chance to learn about the good work being done in the local community which we don’t always get to hear about.

Seasoned networkers understand how important connections are for success in business.

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