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Thought of joining a union?

Many of us are old enough to remember the Unions of old. Strong groups set up to protect workers rights, create safe places to work, and protect people from exploitation. The world is a very different place today with some 6.7 million micro businesses (5 or fewer employees) out there in a sector that is growing.

To be successful today we have to have a network, there is just too much to learn and not enough hours in a day. It is true anyone can be successful in business but you definitely can’t do it alone. The secret to the micro business success story is collaboration…

Welcome to the Link4Business Unions!

So what are these unions and how do they differ from the old use of the word?

Instead of bringing together employees who are all working within one business or large businesses in a given sector, the Link4Business Unions is about encouraging businesses in aligned or complementary markets to work together.

The Coffee Shop Union is already being rolled out which is bringing together independent community focused coffee shops to share knowledge, expertise, suppliers, and experience. We have already seen coffee shops sharing ways to utilise their premises for longer which makes better use of their asset and increases turnover. Comedy nights, Folk evenings, open mic nights, book clubs and local artist exhibitions (doing the rounds) are just some of the ways they are now working together. All the coffee shop owners in the union have developed new contacts and new friends who they know understand their business and will help out if and when they can.

The next one is the Marketing Union. There are at least 15 different business types that help other organisations to promote and market their business. Why aren’t they working together, none of them do it all? In a Marketing Union local businesses could collaborate, get to know who they can rely on and trust and not only do they all win through more consistency, but the customer will end up with a great job, done on time and to budget. It all makes perfect sense.

After the Marketing Union we hope people will step up to facilitate Art & Crafts Union, Health & Wellness Union, Hospitality Union, Professions Union, Trades Union and even a Travel Union.

Collaboration, working together and recognising that there is enough work out there for us all is where we are headed, 6.7 million micro businesses think so… if now, we could just get organised and work together, business could be much easier for us all…

Please enquire about joining a Link4Business Union… and become part of the BIG Collaboration!

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