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When we use local businesses whether it be for products or services much more of the money that changes hands stays in the local economy. Up to 5 times the amount. So it makes sense to use our local businesses wherever possible.

The engine room of our communities is local commerce, and a successful local economy provides the platform to create a  thriving community. One of the biggest issues for local businesses however is visibility. Without the marketing budget of the large multiples it is difficult to gain traction. This is where Link4Business and #L4GBuyLocal comes in.

Link4Business is like a club of local businesses (tied together nationally too) all of whom are working together to improve the local economy. By promoting each other and supporting the #L4GBuyLocal campaign we can create an effective and sustained initiative to develop more business for us all… the main focus for this are summarised below :-

  1. Local businesses working together to increase local business. If we all work together we can achieve much much more. #L4GBuyLocal is designed to raise the profile of local businesses and get your message out to a wider audience.
  2. Through involvement with Link4Growth businesses can discover opportunities to contribute to charitable organisations or community groups. Corporate social responsibility and giving back to community is a fabulous way of raising your profile.
  3. To spread the message in the local community about the #L4GBuyLocal initiative so that more people choose to buy local and more money is kept in the local economy.

Local businesses are such an important factor in our local economy and with 5 million or so small and micro businesses out there we need all the help we can get. It is time to take the responsibility for getting a better deal for small businesses, together we will.

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