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Link4Growth is based on a very simple idea. Provide a space that anyone from any walk of life and any background can come together and meet with other local people that live nearby. In order to be totally inclusive the events are free or low cost so there are no barriers for participation. For those who like what Link4Growth is striving to achieve you can support the organisation by being a Subscriber, this is about the same price as a cup of coffee a month.

Link4Growth hosts events that are for community building. Informal, open, drop in networking events with no other agenda but to have conversations and get people talking. It is a cliche, but everything starts with a conversation. We meet, talk, listen, learn, connect, share and inspire each other. There is a range of events at different times of the day so that people can attend at least something.

From those early days back in summer 2012, Link4Growth now contains a portfolio of offerings, each designed to empower us as individuals, assist us in our endeavours, rebuild our communities, and then link us all up nationally in an atmosphere of collaboration and support.

  • Connecting like minds across the country and replicating best practice – Link4Growth community forums
  • Bite sized training with ‘Link4Skills’ for personal and business growth
  • Promoting L4G BuyLocal getting the local business community to work together as a team to keep more money in the local economy ‘Link4Business’
  • Peer to peer mentoring and support through ‘L4G – Online Mentoring Groups (OMG)
  • Spreading the news about all the good work being done in the community, raising the profile of local projects to enable more people to join in and participate L4G.tv

Link4Growth has architected an online platform that provides a vehicle to easily share everything that is happening in our local communities. This means that we can now all play a part in reporting positive, good local news.

Link4Growth is opening up the opportunity for each of us to be able to give back a little to society. As we begin to expose the richness and diversity of community there is a distinct possibility that all of us will be able to contribute something that we would love to do.

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