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Link4Skills ~ Workshops and Training

Link4Skills is the education and training part of the Link4Growth portfolio and has two main missions

(1) to enable people to network as effectively online as they do offline using all the popular social media platforms including blogging

(2) to recognise that collectively we have all the knowledge we need but it is in our heads and not getting out to the people that need it. We call this the people’s university

Link4Skills serves our Link4Business members by offering a 20% discount on all the workshops and training.

Workshops are delivered using various methods online :-

a) Tutor led, recorded. Just require an Internet connection & browser. This can be viewed in catchup mode and multiple times.

b) Smaller groups of max 9 people with trainer. Private, recorded and non recorded depending on the nature of the workshop. Can be viewed on catchup and multiple times if recorded.

c) 1 hour, 2.5 hours and 6 x 1 hour weekly workshops, private but recorded for those that can’t attend all 6 slots.

Physical Workshops

Locally run and hosted in an actual venue with WiFi. Managed by a District Education Lead in conjunction with the District Leader.

a) Delivering core Social Media workshops (as online)

b) Encouraging those in the community with knowledge, skills and expertise to share with others in the community by creating your own workshops)

Click Here to find out more about Link4Skills.

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