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As a Link4Business member, you can take advantage of the L4G.TV Business channel. This business channel broadcasts live shows weekly, bi-weekly and monthly to a nationwide audience. Topics include items such as ‘How to choose an accounting system’, Marketing and Branding Strategies’, and social media usage.

As a Link4Business member you are able to participate in these shows, sharing your knowledge and expertise, raising your profile and consequently that of your business.

L4GSoundbites. These are an informal interviews over a live hangout where you can share your passion about your business or endeavour. Typically 10-15 minutes long these are recorded and shared through L4G.tv, our forums and on your Link4Business profile. These will also be shared via social media. This provides great exposure for you and your business and you can use the recording on your own website and social media too.

Through participation on L4G.tv and the L4GSoundbites you will pick up knowledge and skills which could be invaluable when applied to your own business.

L4G.TV broadcasts a wide range of channel covering anything from sustainability through to personal development. Members are encouraged to participate and engage with these shows too.

You can see a working example of how L4G.TV is currently being used by looking at the SW Herts Community channel.

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