Anthony Richard Joyce

The Outdoor Group started with a vision to reach out to people who were struggling to take holidays, whether for financial reasons, lack of confidence or just needing a community environment.

I shared the idea with our Vicar at Church and he encouraged us to follow the vision God had given in the summer of 2012. We were warned that there was no money or help to get us started, but to go for it, with lots of encouragement and enthusiasm.

The camps have been growing and diversifying ever since.

We started with 3 camps in the year, from Easter to the end of the summer holidays, but this has grown.

We now provide camps for other local Churches, a homeless charity in Watford and a camp for families in our Son’s school.

In 2016 interest grew in providing private and commercial camping, so it was decided that a Community Interest Company should grow out of the original idea, in order to reinvest profits back into the Community Camps.

The outdoorgroup ltd cic

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Watford, Herts

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