Online (or Offline) Mentoring Groups

(FREE for Link4Business members)

Online (or Offline) Mentoring Groups are facilitated monthly mastermind or peer-to-peer mentoring sessions.

Delivered online through Zoom or offline (in venues agreed by the group) and will have a maximum of 6 participants. Each person is able to put forward a new challenge to be discussed bi monthly, with 3 challenges being discussed each month.

  • You’re facing challenge(s) and you know you can’t be the only one to have ever had these problem(s)
  • You’re looking for a product or service but you don’t know anyone who could do the job
  • You’re going round and round in a circle with a problem and need some new inspiration
  • You’ve tried everything you can think of to grow your success (get things off the ground) and you’ve hit a brick wall
  • You just want some impartial advice and talk things over with some other business owners who understand what running a business is like
  • Wouldn’t it be nice once a month to meet up and be able to have open conversations about the business, warts an all, without judgement or having to pretend

Imagine having your own board of directors working to help you succeed...

Some reasons why you might want to join an ‘OMG’

Learn from other people running businesses (and their mistakes)
Share experience and knowledge
Fast track through obstacles and challenges
Receive fresh ‘out of the box’ thinking from colleagues
Provide your expertise and guidance to others
Ongoing support through a closed and private group (typically run through either google plus or facebook)
Share connections
Build deep relationships and trust
Closed environment developing honesty and openness
Referrals and ongoing opportunities
Working on the business, not in the business
Affordable and cost effective high quality peer-to-peer mentoring
Embracing technology, minimising costs, travel time and more sustainable
Have fun with like minded people

Accountability built in... Doing what you said you would do...

Any Link4Business member may participate in OMGs for free as part of their Link4Business membership.

If you would like to register your interest, please complete this online form and we will aim to allocate a group and a facilitator on a first come, first served basis (Completing the form does not tie you to accepting a place if offered, this is to register your interest and co-ordinate facilitators with groups)

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