Ready to comit to a 6 month OMG programme?

If a place has been offered to you on a Link4Business OMG, please make your refundable deposit via Stripe or Paypal below

How this works...

Online Mentoring Groups (OMGs) have always been free for Link4Business members and continue to be so. However, to show commitment by those who wish to attend, we ask for a refundable deposit of £72 (the same cost as Link4Business membership for 6 months)

All attendees that are present for every session, will receive a full refund. Each session which isn't attended will be deducted £12 from the refund. 

Authorised absence / failure to attend is to be decided by the OMG facilitator. 

If you have applied for a place on an upcoming 'OMG' and can commit to all 6 dates, please make your refundable deposit via either payment option below.

Pay via PayPal

Pay via Stripe

Frequently Asked Questions

It will be the facilitator's call to what is within reason and their decision should be respected. We ask for 3 hours of your time each month for 6 months so do ensure that time is blocked out. Times and dates may only change with the agreement of the facilitator and the group.

Occasionally participants worry that they can't think of a challenge / problem or idea to bring to the group but there is always something that can be 'brainstormed'. It's also important that you are present for the rest of the group to you to be able to offer your input and support.

The person organising your OMG programme will let us know if you failed to attend any sessions and your refund will be worked out accordingly. Either your OMG facilitator will ask you for your bank details or you can contact us directly at [email protected]