Bridget Bath

I have been helping people out of physical pain since 2002 (in my role as a Chiropractor) and more recently mental and emotional pain since 2016 (as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist) and have a particular interest in helping Teens to overcome the stresses of modern life and realise their best version of themselves.

2020 saw me able to offer an additional service of pin prick blood testing for some basic health indicators such as diabetes, cholesterol and inflammation which can all give me clues as to how best to help my patients/ clients further, be that myself or by signposting them to other healthcare professionals. I am mindful of the environment and the effect we have upon it; I love animals and have a small menagerie of cat, dog and sadly no long a rabbit but they are a particular love of mine; I love the coast and having moved from Wales in 2010 I yearn for the mountains.

Greenacres Chiropractic Centre

01733 254239