Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m already a Link4Growth member?

If you are already contributing your £3 per month as a valued Link4Growth member, this will ‘upgrade’ your membership and we will cancel your £3 payments or you may do this yourself. Your £12 Link4Business membership INCLUDES Link4Growth membership.

How will I know if Link4Business is right for me and will help to grow my business?

Anyone may attend their first Link4Business event for free so we just ask that you go along and try it and see if it’s something you enjoy and find valuable.

Is it possible to pay for events as I go and not become a member?

Of course. Once you have claimed your free first visit, you may book into any subsequent events for £12 per event, however you will not be entitled to any of the member benefits as mentioned above.

Will I be able to cancel my Link4Business membership at any time?

We would naturally hate to see you go, however, there is no penalty to cancel your membership at any time. Please email if you have any questions or speak with your local Link4Business host.

I’ve just joined! What happens next?

Congratulations! Welcome aboard!

We will send you a welcome email as soon as we can which will include some links to follow. If you are keen to get started right now, these are some of the most useful links right here!

CURRENT L4G SUBSCRIBERS PLEASE NOTE – The £12 membership fee will include your L4G subscription too, so once you have subscribed, please email and we will cancel your £3 L4G membership or you can cancel the subscription yourself.