Link4Business launches in Bushey

By Chris Ogle on September 19th, 2019

On the 5th September, Link4Business launched in Bushey in SW Herts. During July / August the Par 3 cafe was brought to our attention as a potential venue for Link4Business. The cafe has been a fairly recent refurbishment of what was the Bushey Golf Club, that Audrey Mitchell (HertsPrems) mentioned to us.

Having been down to visit with Hazel Ovington, Desi Stefanova, and Silpi Babu it was agreed that rather than the cafe itself, the lounge area at the back would be more suitable.

The date was set and everyone went to work to encourage as many people as possible to attend. With 40 booked in and many new visitors, it was definitely expected to be a busy evening.

Hazel Ovington had spent the whole month inviting people along to this event and coupled with the support team above on the night the event went like clockwork… Huge well done and thanks to Hazel!

As there were so many present and with many new people we restricted the introductions to 30 seconds (some went over) and just the one main talk which was about the history of Link4Growth and the past 8 years… just a short summary not the whole thing… 

The regular team of Hazel and Desi are now building for the next event at the beginning of October. The venue is incredibly supportive and will also join Link4Business in the near future… Now to grow the other events in the area… 

Next up is Link4Business at the Southern Cross, Watford. A brand new venue and 2nd Launch for SWHerts this month… building for that one now!