Sally Howell

I am the owner and founder of Busy Bee Admin, with a wealth of experience in various administrative roles, including data analytics within a sales territory design company and as a staff auditor within RBS Insurance.

I want to be able help those small business owners who find admin difficult, time-consuming, or boring, by managing that for them, freeing them up to spend more time on their core business or away from the office.

Business Card Data – I have worked with several small business owners providing them with support, taking mainly unusable lead data and putting it into a useable and recordable format.

Event Planning – I have worked with other local business owners to put on one of the region’s largest free community events, dealing with all the background administration tasks that an event of that size entails to ensure it is safe and enjoyable.

Data – Sourcing and preparing data to be used within sales territory design, analysing the information to ensure the best design is provided.

If you’d like more time in (or outside) of your business and your admin causes you pain and stress, give me a call on 01487831392 or email [email protected]

Busy Bee Admin

01487 831392

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire